Society gets £10k grant to dig deeper

Historians taking on the painstaking task of delving into a village’s past have received a grant of nearly £10,000.

The Little Waldingfield History Society is currently researching the history of the village from 1840 to the present day as part of the “Little Waldingfield into the 21st Century” project.

On Thursday it was announced that the group will benefit from a £9,800 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

This will help the society in attempts to gather information through conversations with past and present residents, as well as encouraging people to share photographs, maps, artefacts and publications.

Vic Flute, a member of the 40-strong society, said: “We are really surprised and delighted to receive this award and we can’t wait to get started on our research.

“Like all the villagers, we love living in this community and we are keen to discover more about the past.”

The group was only formed recently after taking inspiration from a previous historian who charted the village’s past from 1300 to 1840 and published a book in 1959.

“We look forward to getting other people involved in this project, learning lots about our heritage and to strengthening the village connections,” said Mrs Flute, who lives in Grove Avenue and has been in the village for 38 years.

“We believe the fruits of our research will help the community to link back to their own heritage.”

The society is one of the first organisations in the UK to be allocated the All Our Stories Grant from the HLF.

This was launched earlier this year following the success of BBC Two’s The Great British Story programme.

Presenter and historian Michael Wood said it was “tremendous” the village had been given the grant.