Short-stay parking ‘must be resolved’

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CONCERNS that have loomed over the introduction of short-stay parking charges in Sudbury for the past few months remain in people’s thoughts as they look ahead to 2012.

Nearly all of the town figures we asked believed the issue needed addressing this year.

Town councillor Jack Owen laid the blame at the feet of council workers.

“I’d like to see more innovative thinking by Babergh officers and councillors to find ways to form a budget that doesn’t include car parking charges,” he said.

Mayor Tony Platt echoed the sentiment, saying: “I’d like to maintain free short-term car parking in Sudbury.”

Town, county and district councillor John Sayers believes that the current situation is sufficient for Sudbury.

Mr Sayers said: “I am joining ranks with the others – we shouldn’t have any more forms of car parking charges. The system and regulations currently in place are enough.”

Sudbury Chamber of Commerce chairman John McMillan wants 2012 to be the year in which a line is finally drawn under short-stay car parking in Sudbury.

“The town needs to resolve the parking issue once and for all,” he said.