Shop wants new roof

A CHARITY shop in Sudbury wants to replace its leaking lead roof because of the threat of metal theft.

Oxfam, on Market Hill, has applied for planning permission to remove a flat lead roof at the back of the shop and replace it with felt. As is it a listed building, the charity has had to apply for listed building consent to Babergh District Council.

The charity says the roof has leaked rainwater on a regular basis since it moved there in 2007, with temporary repairs failing to fix the problem.

It says its decision is because of leaks but also because of metal theft.

The planning application states: “Thefts of lead roofs have increased dramatically in recent years.

“Over the last year alone, the local Oxfam shops have suffered two incidents of metal theft. The location of this roof is a prime example of easily reached, yet in a quiet location.”