Shooting lodge plan is shot down by councillors

A Hartest country estate, which its owners plan to develop into a “world class country shoot” has failed to get permission for a shooting lodge.

Chadacre Hall had applied to Babergh District Council for retrospective permission for the building which its owner said was essential for a successful commercial shoot.

But the council’s planning committee said the siting of the lodge, the design and colours had resulted in an “incongruous form of development” on an elevated position on the estate visible from an adjacent right of way.

The council said it was to the detriment of the character of the countryside and the landscaping proposed by the hall’s owners was not considered to overcome this harm.

The hall claimed the estate supported 12 full-time and part-time staff whose long-term security would benefit from the “profitable use of the estate as a shoot.”

In a report outlining the plans, councillors were told the lodge was essential because the shooting season took place during the coldest months when eating outside was not a practical option.