Sheltered homes changes mooted

Part of a sheltered housing scheme in Clare could be given over to people over 50 who need support with their day-to-day living needs.

Changes to 24 flats and bungalows in Churchill Close, which are run by the Havebury Housing Association, are to be part of a review which the company is carrying out at six of its 12 sheltered accommodation schemes.

It is in consultation with its tenants in Clare, as well as borough and county council officers.

The company says the changes will be minimal, with no-one needing to move out.

The proposal includes converting one block of flats into non-sheltered accommodation with the remainder of Churchill Close being made available to people over the age of 50 “who have a support need”.

Havebury chief executive Karen Mayhew said: “We will consider each site individually, talking to residents and people who care about what happens to the scheme.

“Only when we have gathered all the information will we reach a decision on the best way forward.”

The company said the Clare scheme has 28 residents and that it had not set a specific deadline for the consultation to finish but it estimated that the changes would start in the new year.

The company said there had been a decline in demand for sheltered accommodation, which had partly prompted the review. It said it would continue working closely with tenants to listen to their views.

Havebury’s aim is to ensure it provides more modern schemes in the future, with less emphasis on sheltered accommodation.