Senior staff agree to leave

FIFTEEN of Suffolk County Council’s most senior managers are to lose their jobs in a move which will save the authority over £1 million.

The list of departures, which will save the council £1.15 million a year, includes three assistant directors and 12 other senior managers.

It is believed those to leave, between April and October, all earn a salary of more than £55,000.

They are to take voluntary redundancy with their responsibilities being taken on by other staff members at the council.

The saving follows on from the £1.8 million that was cut from the council budget when high-earners left during re-organisations last year.

It will contribute to a significant change in the number of people employed by the authority, with the number set to fall from around 8,000 to 4,800 people over the next financial year.

This move is likely to be confirmed at the council’s budget meeting today.