Seatbelt safety the difference between ‘life and death’

FORTY Fixed Penalty Notices were issued to people not wearing their seatbelt during a week-long enforcement campaign in Suffolk.

The Suffolk Constabulary roads policing unit conducted checks on motorists and their passengers across the county throughout the campaign last week.

During the campaign 40 penalty notices were issued, equating to 5.7 per day. Of all the notices issued 38 were given in relation to adults not wearing a seatbelt and two in relation to a child, with those spotted receiving an instant £60 fine.

In a similar campaign in September, Suffolk Police issued 66 notices, equating to 9.4 per day.

Sgt Paul Ward, from the Casualty Reduction Team, said: “While the results of the enforcement campaign are lower than in previous campaigns we would still remind people of the importance of wearing a seatbelt. Last year we saw four fatalities in Suffolk where the driver or passenger was not wearing a seatbelt, so having forty people stopped is still far too many.

“Putting on a seatbelt is an effortless task that should be part of a routine before starting up a vehicle and quite simply can mean the difference between life and death.”