School denies trying to ‘correct’ left-handers

Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter

A school has denied allegations that it has tried to “correct” left-handed pupils – by forcing them to use their other hand.

Claims have surfaced that left-handed children at Kersey Primary School are being told to ditch their natural instincts – holding a knife in their left hand and a fork in their right – and switch to a “conventional” way of eating.

Parents say the practice, which is thought to have been in place at the school before current headteacher Linda Curran-Spain took over, is archaic and controlling.

One parent at the centre of the complaint said they had been told the method of getting meal time supervisors to alter left-handed eating habits helped to “improve dexterity” and was part of a child’s “personal, social and health education”.

A formal complaint was lodged against the school and Mrs Curran-Spain last year. This was investigated by an independent inspector who found the school was not doing anything wrong.

An appeal has since been lodged against this decision, with some parents feeling the outdated practice amounts to bullying.

Governors at the school are due to meet to discuss the issue in the next two weeks.

A spokesman for Kersey Primary School denied pressure was put on pupils to change their eating habits.

“Staff at the school have never forced any children to eat a certain way,” the spokesman said.

“We encourage children to use cutlery in a conventional manner – but ultimately it is a decision for them and their parents.

“This complaint has been independently investigated and the school’s complaint policy followed.”

The spokesman added: “Kersey is an outstanding Ofsted school and we work closely with all parents to ensure that every child is able to achieve their best in all aspects of education.”