Sat navs lead to Clare misery

SAT navs are being blamed for ruining the peace in a quiet Suffolk town.

Residents in Clare are in uproar over the dozens of 44-tonne lorries using the winding and narrow streets as part of their route to and from a distribution centre in Haverhill.

Earlier this month a lorry became stuck on the corner of Market Hill, scraping plaster off the side of The Bell Hotel.

Glenis Forster, who works at the hotel, said: “I have lived in Clare for 20 years and it is definitely getting worse now everyone is using these sat navs. They give the lorry drivers the quickest possible route, but that may not be the safest or most sensible.”

She added: “Everyone here feels very strongly about this problem. There are a lot of listed buildings here and we worry they will all get ruined by these lorries.

“The town’s roads are simply not big enough for them.”

A petition with more than 11,000 signatures has been handed to community leaders in the hope of imposing weight restrictions on vehicles using the A1092 route from Sudbury to Haverhill.

English heritage is also due to assess the damage to the hotel, a listed building.

Culina Logistics, which owns the Haverhill distribution warehouse, said it would only cause problems for other communities if they took the lorries through another town.

But the firm added: “We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused.”

Suffolk County Council is discussing the issue with Clare Town Council.