Sacked town clerk rules out appeal after investigation

OUT OF WORK: In her letter, Sue said she now plans to retire from full-time employment.
OUT OF WORK: In her letter, Sue said she now plans to retire from full-time employment.

Sudbury Town Council’s ex-clerk will not challenge her dismissal despite insisting she has done nothing to warrant such action.

Sue Brotherwood was sacked from her position at Sudbury Town Council following a two-month internal investigation into “procedural matters”.

Mrs Brotherwood, who had been in the role for 20 years, was suspended on full pay on December 23.

After being formally dismissed on Wednesday, Mrs Brotherwood was given 14 days to appeal but, in a letter to the Free Press, revealed she would not be doing so.

“I now realise that I would not be able to continue to work for the town council with the same enthusiasm and loyalty, even if I was given the opportunity to do so,” said the 61-year-old.

“The whole matter has been extremely stressful for the council, as well as me and my staff.”

It is not known what resulted in Mrs Brotherwood being sacked, but she did say she faced difficulties clearing her name.

“Unfortunately for me, documents and important papers which I know existed before my suspension can no longer be found,” she said.

“It is also my belief one councillor denied knowledge of matters which could have confirmed some issues.

“Both of these things made it impossible for me to provide proof on matters raised to the council by the whistle blower.”

Mrs Brotherwood, who was four years away from retirement, added that she had helped save the council thousands of pounds through careful management and had never benefited financially through her actions.

“It has been an honour serving the town and leading such a wonderful and dedicated team of staff,” said Mrs Brotherwood, from Melford Road.

Sudbury mayor Adrian Osborne said the council would not make any comment until the appeal period was over.

“We have to go through the due process and will not be commenting at this stage,” he said.

Former deputy clerk Jacqui Howells has been appointed as clerk.