Rubbish mixed in with recycling in bin collections

A Sudbury resident has complained after the contents of rubbish and recycling bins were dumped in the same refuse lorry on Monday.

Pat Arbon, of Meadowview Road, saw binmen pick up both his blue recycling bin, left out having not been collected due to snow last week, as well as his black bin at around 8am.

He said: “They were both tipped in together.

“I know people have got in trouble for putting the wrong things in wrong bins. We are very careful with our recycling and then it is all being dropped in with all the other rubbish.”

Mr Arbon said this had happened all along the road and he believed the council would use the excuse that snow prevented the bins being collected as normal.

A Babergh District Council spokeswoman said: “We asked residents to leave their recycling bins out so that our crews could clear the backlog.

“Some residents asked crews to clear both their bins on Monday, mixing the waste for recycling with the waste for landfill, as they were keen to get rid of the waste that had accumulated in these areas.”

She added: “Once this was brought to our attention, the crews were asked to stop this immediately.”