Rubbish build-up finally cleared

Latest environment news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
Latest environment news from the Suffolk Free Press,, @sfpsudbury on Twitter
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Residents in Sudbury’s Borehamgate precinct are breathing easier after having had piles of stinking rubbish bags collected.

Due to a shortage of black bins and no recycling bins, rubbish had been left piled high for months on end, according to landlord Robert Sayers.

But now Babergh District Council’s waste management department has finally answered the residents’ call for help, and delivered extra black bins to cope, while removing the pile of rubbish on the floor.

Mr Sayers said: “As a landlord of several maisonettes, following numerous tenants’ complaints of continuous piles of overflowing rubbish at the base of their staircase, I have pursued this issue for four months.

“Up until this week, there were 10 two to three-bedroom maisonettes and consumers of the commercial ground floor, using only two bins that were only collected sometimes fortnightly, other times monthly.

“As and when the council decides to empty these bins, policy dictates they do not collect waste on the floor.”

Babergh’s waste management office Susannah Foulger said: “Three new flats have recently been built and there have been some delays in their management company submitting a purchase order number for the additional bins for these flats.

“This was submitted and, as a result, a new 1,100-litre bin was delivered to the development and the excess waste cleared. We do hope to offer recycling bins to the residents of Borehamgate in the future.”