Risks for Sudbury and Hadleigh

MORE than 1,750 people in Sudbury are at risk from surface water flooding, according to a consultation document aiming to set out a way to deal with flooding in Suffolk.

Suffolk County Council, the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and other local councils including Babergh District Council have been working together to produce a flood risk strategy and are asking residents – over the next three months – to have their say on how to tackle the problem.

The main focus of the strategy is flash flooding from surface water or from streams and ditches, mainly as a result of localised heavy rainfall overwhelming drains, although it says many towns are at risk from river flooding, including the River Stour.

It says it has identified 1,769 people in Sudbury and 634 people in Hadleigh as being at risk from flooding from surface water.

The three-month consultation will invite comments from the public on a flood risk management strategy and will ask residents specifically to look out for, and report, fly tipping or obstructions in rivers, streams and ditches.

It also will look at giving residents information and advice to help stop flooding, for example avoiding paving over gardens and reporting any local flooding or blockages of drains.

According to Suffolk County Council, about 5.5million properties are at risk from flooding nationwide – which equates to one in every six homes or businesses.

It says that there is an increased flood risk in future years due to the effects of climate change, which are predicted to lead to a rise in sea level and more rainfall.

Suffolk county councillor Guy McGregor, cabinet member with responsibility for roads and transport said: “We really want to know what people feel are the priorities for them, and whether our proposals in our action plan will deal with the flooding issue.

“Only when we have received residents’ comments will we review and finalise this plan for Suffolk.”

The report focuses on land and home owners and land developers, which it says need to properly consider flood risk in future building projects.

The strategy will cover who is responsible for taking action against flooding and how it might be funded.

The local flood risk management strategy can be viewed by visiting www.suffolk.gov.uk/floodrisk or by emailing floods@suffolk.gov.uk. The final document is due to be adopted by October or November.