Risk of being caught ‘turned on’ flasher, 24

A flasher who stood naked at his bedroom window in full view of passers-by has been told he could be sent to prison.

Robert Bayley, of New Street, Sudbury, was doing housework when he “felt the urge” to remove his shorts and perform a sex act on himself, Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday.

Prosecutor David Bryant told magistrates that the 24-year-old had been spotted in the upstairs window of his house by a teenage boy at around 12.30pm on July 25.

“The boy caught a glimpse of the window, the curtains were open and he could clearly see a person,” said Mr Bryant.

“The man moved aside but, when the boy told a friend who looked, he could be seen swinging his genitals around.”

Mr Bryant said the incident left the boy, aged 15, feeling on edge, as he believed the man had been looking at him.

He phoned his mother, who he was unable to reach, and then his father, who told him to call the police.

Mr Bryant said the family were “disgusted” by the behaviour of Bayley, who pleaded guilty to a charge of exposure.

The court heard that Bayley, a store manager at Cafe Nero in Sudbury, has previous convictions for exposing himself.

“In the spring of 2012, a boy looked up and saw a man naked at the window,” said Mr Bryant.

“He quickly looked away as he was embarrassed and uncomfortable but he saw the man with his genitals in his right hand.”

The boy, also 15, had not told anyone about what he saw until recently. When Bayley was arrested, he admitted the incident during police interview.

Mr Bryant said Bayley was doing housework when he “developed an urge” to perform a sex act on himself.

“He was turned on by the chance he might get caught,” he said. “He knew he had been spotted, but failed to stop, as it was a turn on.”

The court heard Bayley had told police he was ashamed of his actions and did not realise that those who saw him were children.

In mitigation, Lyndon Davies said his client was seeking professional help.

“He has admitted an offence that goes back some time and has taken steps to address this behaviour by referring himself to a GP to arrange counselling,” he said.

Magistrates warned Bayley that all sentencing options, including a prison term, would remain open.

He was released on unconditional bail and will return to court on August 29.