‘Revelations should have come sooner’

A mistake was made in not revealing that developer Redrow Homes had withdrawn from proposals for Chilton Woods earlier, a county councillor has admitted.

Officers at Suffolk County Council and Babergh District Council were informed of Redrow Homes’ decision to pull out of the development for 1,050 homes in January and February respectively.

However, the news did not become common knowledge until last week, with many of those heavily involved in the plans left in the dark.

Speaking during Sudbury Town Council’s annual meeting on Tuesday, resident Robin Drury said the information should have been disclosed at a discussion into a future local transport plan for the town on February 28.

“The county council painted a very rosy picture and we thought it was a very good day,” said Mr Drury, from Sudbury.

“But this was a complete charade as problems with Chilton Woods were not mentioned.”

Colin Spence, county councillor for Chilton and Great Waldingfield, said the meeting was not a “sham”, but admitted an officer had withheld information that should have been passed on.

“Something went slightly wrong and it is unfortunate people weren’t told,” he said, adding that he still held out hope for a development on the land even though the district council’s allocation for housing had been left in “tatters” by the withdrawal.