Residents to get a say on parking scheme areas

COMMUTERS BEWARE: Tony Platt, pictured in Belle Vue Road ' one of the worst affected in Sudbury.
COMMUTERS BEWARE: Tony Platt, pictured in Belle Vue Road ' one of the worst affected in Sudbury.

People living in Sudbury roads worst-affected by parking problems will be asked if they would back the introduction of restrictions or permits.

Sudbury Town Council’s highways and footpaths committee will discuss which of the town’s streets should be recommended as possible locations to trial options including one-hour no parking zones and residents’ permits on Tuesday.

A list of eight locations has been drawn up and, subject to councillors’ views, residents in the roads would be asked for their views on a scheme which would be taken into account when choosing trial areas.

Belle Vue Road, Burroughs Piece Road and Ingrams Well Road, along with Edgworth Road, Corporal Lillie Close, Meadow Lane and Bullocks Lane have been suggested as suitable for restrictions between 2pm and 3pm, with only stickered residents’ cars allowed to park there between these times.

Tony Platt, chairman of the highways and footpaths committee, said in an email to councillors: “We suggest these are the main areas where commuters are parking and where a parking restriction may well be sufficient as there are no other roads nearby for people to be diverted to.

“In general, the suggestion is to try waiting restrictions in the first instance for those areas affected by rail station parking, hopefully encouraging those drivers to then use the existing car parks, hopefully to improve income and to explore residents’ parking schemes for the other areas.”

Mr Platt added: “It is really good that local people are being asked to come up with suggestions through the council that we can explore with Babergh and Suffolk councils.”

Sue Brotherwood, town clerk, said: “At this stage we want to get a feel for how many people would like to have a residents’ scheme.

“There are alternative parking permit schemes and with Suffolk County Council we want to look at the best option for both residents and shoppers, as we don’t want to alienate people coming to the town.”

Mrs Brotherwood said if the idea was agreed by full council in July, it would be discussed with the county council before letters were sent to residents. A scheme could be trialed by September, allowing councillors to evaluate the ideas.

“We want to try to find an all-round acceptable option,” she said. “If it means some people have to go in the long-stay car parks, then that is how it is.”