Residents say ‘yes please’ to new parking schemes in town streets

DISGRUNTLED: Jill Garrett says commuters parking in Edgworth Road is a problem for residents.
DISGRUNTLED: Jill Garrett says commuters parking in Edgworth Road is a problem for residents.

Sudbury roads most in need of parking restrictions or permit schemes have been earmarked by councillors ahead of consultations.

Sudbury Town Council’s highways and footpaths committee discussed proposals to introduce a residents’ parking permit scheme in several areas of the town on Tuesday, with other areas identified as suitable for having one-hour periods where only stickered residents’ cars would be allowed.

The proposals aim to prevent commuters clogging side streets and avoiding train station car park charges, which cost £2 per day.

Jill Garrett, one of five Hyde Road residents who attended the meeting, said: “The parking issue has become more and more difficult since the introduction of parking fares at the station.

“I have people sitting beside me in their cars in the winter months waiting for me to move while I scrape my windscreen.”

Tony Platt, chairman of the committee, who was not at the meeting, suggested that adjoining Edgworth Road, Corporal Lillie Close, Meadow Lane and Bullocks Lane would be suitable for restrictions between 2pm and 3pm, with School Street, Belle Vue Road, Burroughs Piece Road and Ingrams Well Road also suggested.

Areas noted as possible for parking permits were Cavendish Road, Minden Road, The Croft, Croft Road, and Beaconsfield Road, with another zone around York Road, Constable Road, Humphry Road, Suffolk Road and Queens Close.

Mrs Garrett added: “We have come to say ‘yes please’ we’d like to see that if possible.

“In the past, I have had to park at the station or in Waitrose – why not introduce residents’ parking in Edgworth Road?”

Councillor Nigel Bennett explained the two options being investigated.

“There’s the possibility we could do resident parking permits, which I assume would come with a cost,” he said.

“The alternative is where we use a waiting restriction which would come with no cost to residents as they would get a sticker.”

Melvyn Baker, who has lived in Hyde Road for nearly 50 years, said: “Hamilton Road residents park in Edgworth Road as they don’t want to pay.”

The town council operates a paid permit scheme in Hamilton Road at present.

Councillor Jan Osborne said the town council had been looking at permits for six years.

“If we introduce it piecemeal, it will push the problem to other areas in Sudbury where these haven’t been implemented yet,” she warned.

Councillor Jack Owen said Suffolk County Council officers had said there needs to a minimum number of permitted areas in Sudbury to justify policing the restrictions.

County councillor John Sayers said: “The county council isn’t against parking permits and has given it a lot of thought. It would not be a blanket cover and it needs to find out who would subscribe to this scheme as it needs to be cost-effective.

“I am getting several inquiries in my area from people requesting parking permits – there is a need for it.”

A number of other roads were suggested as suitable for inclusion in the eight zones.

Gregory Street, Newmans Road, Upper East Street, Acton Lane and Newton Road were all mentioned.

Mr Bennett, discussing Ingrams Well Road, said: “All the houses there have off-road parking, so the only people parking there are commuters or people using Belle Vue Park. That needs to be thought about carefully.”

Councillor Adrian Osborne suggested the town council should look at other areas near the train station where it could run its own permit scheme, while Mrs Osborne said the council needed clarification from the county council on whether it would be cheaper to bring the schemes in in one go or a few areas at a time.