Residents plead for end to ‘nightmare’

DRIVERS parking in Sudbury’s side streets are making life a nightmare for residents.

People living in areas affected by the problem – caused by workers and shoppers shunning car parking charges – say their drives are often blocked, visitors have nowhere to leave their vehicles and dustcart crews struggle to empty the bins.

Sim Menzies, from Corporal Lillie Close, said cars were constantly hunting for spaces down the road.

“Every day between 6am and 6pm, we get cars coming down here looking for somewhere to park,” he said.

“I have had to ask people to move their car numerous times because they block me in. It is an absolute nightmare.”

Sudbury Town Council is already exploring ways to tackle the problem, including introducing controlled parking zones in streets popular with drivers.

The scheme could potentially see residents asked to purchase a parking permit, something Mr Menzies would support.

“I think if it came to that, everyone would say ‘yes please’,” he said.

Walter Coe, of Edgworth Road, said cars had begun parking in the road since Babergh District Council brought in long-stay parking charges two years ago.

“The day after, cars started appearing out of the woodwork,” said the 90-year-old.

“It is always the same cars and it gets very annoying. My brown bin wasn’t emptied for a few weeks because they said they couldn’t get to it.”

Ian Fitzlyon, also of Corporal Lillie Close, said he believed a one-hour parking limit could solve the problem.

“The amount of fines generated from that would make it worthwhile for the council and stop the cars parking here,” he said.

“It is frustrating always looking out on someone’s car outside your house, but I think there would be a lot of opposition to permits.”

Simon Barrett, a district councillor for Sudbury, said he was aware parking issues had caused animosity between residents and drivers.

“These people are not being unreasonable – cars are taking up space all day and it is not on,” he said. “Something needs doing to help.”

Suffolk County Council is currently unwilling to implement parking restrictions for residential areas in the town due to the associated cost.