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Residents blast inconsiderate parents at Sudbury school pick-up time

Jennie Schofield is unhappy with parking by parents picking up their children from Woodhall Primary School. Picture Mark Westley
Jennie Schofield is unhappy with parking by parents picking up their children from Woodhall Primary School. Picture Mark Westley

A couple have hit out at what they describe as dangerous parking near a Sudbury primary school during peak times.

The couple say they fear a child will be injured as drivers struggle to navigate a mass of vehicles outside Woodhall Primary School.

They say selfish parking by parents, including on and opposite junctions, on drop kerbs and in resident-only parking spaces, mean it is difficult to see what or who is around corners and behind vehicles.

“We are concerned about our neighbour’s children,” said Ryan Wiseman, who lives in Rosemary Gardens. “They walk back that way.

“There are children running around and there are cars parked everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before a child gets hurt.”

The 20-year-old said he had argued with a parent who had parked in his residents-only parking space outside his home, adding that he now left 20 minutes before the school closed to avoid a repeat of the situation.

His partner, Jennie Schofield, is equally concerned.

“A parent parked her people carrier on the junction and there was no visibility when I tried to turn,” said the 20-year-old.

Miss Schofield said they had contacted both the school and Suffolk Police, but felt little had been done to address the issue.

She added: “Children are in danger, but the parents seem to have no concerns.

“A child could easily walk out and we would not be able to see them because of dangerous and illegal parking.”

As well as parking on and opposite junctions, the couple claim parents are parking on kerbs and blocking pathways, as well as along drop kerbs, forcing parents and wheelchair users out into in the road.

“They are even parking in marked parking spaces,” said Miss Schofield. “Some seem to think they own the spaces.”

Mr Wiseman, a general fabricator for a double-glazing firm, has lived in the house for five years and said it was one of his concerns when he first moved to the area.

The problem starts on Richard Burn Way after the roundabout on to the A134 and moves along the road, on to Mayflower Way and all the way to the school.

“You can’t see on to Mayflower Way when you come along Richard Burn Way as it’s blocked by parked cars,” he said.

“Rosemary Gardens is not a big road – you struggle to get two cars down there.

“It’s just ridiculous. I have spoken to them [parents] and asked them to move as they were parked in residents parking. Some just get abusive.”

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