Reprieve for travellers

A GROUP of travellers camped illegally on Chilton airfield will remain on the land until at least next week.

The travellers, who have been living on the site for more than two weeks, were expected to be evicted following a meeting on Thursday but were granted a reprieve as one of the group was due to give birth.

It is believed the woman traveller subsequently had her baby on Friday, and liaison officers from Suffolk County Council, which owns the land, are due to meet police bosses on Monday to review the situation.

“Nothing has really happened,” said Jenny Antill, a district councillor for Chilton and Great Waldingfield.

“The woman was due to give birth on Friday and should have had her baby by now. There is no reason to suspect they won’t be moved in due course.”

Between eight and 11 caravans are currently on the site and their presence continues to upset nearby residents.

“I thought they would have been gone by now,” said Alan Briers, from Beatty Road.

“Lots of people are frightened of the travellers and they seem to cause trouble everywhere they go.”

Mr Briers claimed he had seen travellers speeding on the approach to the airfield.

But Sean Chamberlin, who lives in the area and voiced his anger about travellers leaving rubbish on the airfield last year, said he had not been bothered by them this time.

A police spokeswoman said officers had spoken to the driver of a green Nissan car, who had been causing a nuisance on Chilton Industrial Estate, but the vehicle had not been seized.