Relief after campsite bid is scrapped

PLANS for a new campsite in Glemsford have been withdrawn at the 11th hour following objections from residents.

Nikki Lancaster, owner of Blackbrook Stud Farm, said yesterday that she had scrapped proposals for an eight-pitch tent site and toilet block.

The move comes after villagers strongly objected to the plans due to the extra traffic on the notorious bend at Low Street and the potential impact on the nearby river.

Neighbour Margaret Gould, 90, of Low Street, said: “I have had at least six cars come down the hill too fast and end up in my garden – it happens too often.”

“Two cars were abandoned and one was uninsured so I got no compensation.

“I think there would be a lot of accidents, as people have trailers with them when they are camping.

“Motorbikes come down in the middle of the road round the bend and, if you are coming up the hill, there is no way you can avoid them.”

Mrs Gould said she did not object to the idea of a campsite but was concerned with the extra traffic it would bring to the area.

Charmaine and Robert Farmer, who have lived in the village for 28 years, expressed their concerns about the application at a meeting of Glemsford Parish Council on Tuesday, when it was thought it would be discussed.

Speaking after the meeting, Mrs Farmer said: “There was one car that went through the hedge at the bottom of the hill. That would have hit anyone who was driving through where the planned entrance would be.

“If you have a trailer or a tent on the back of your car, the chances of getting hit are great – I can’t think of a more dangerous bend.”

Mrs Farmer said she also believed that the application would have lead to environmental issues.

“Where she wanted to put the toilet block is right on the river’s flood plain,” she said.

“It gets so flooded that it looks like a lake out there and it stays wet for a long time.

“We felt that if it does get flooded, the waste would get into the water and pollute it. There are also two breeding barn owls down there and if you had people in tents they would be disturbed.”

Mrs Lancaster said that she had withdrawn the application due to personal reasons before Tuesday’s council meeting.