Redundancy will not be forced, says Sudbury firm

Job reductions at Sudbury’s Delphi factory will only be on a voluntary basis, according to the company.

Hundreds of positions at the Newton Road plant, which employs around 700 workers, were feared to be at risk after redundancy packages were offered.

Options include taking voluntary redundancy, taking a three-month break on 30 per cent wages or going part-time.

The firm, which manufacturers parts for the motor industry and is one of the town’s biggest employers, says staff cuts are needed after orders fell.

However, it claims there are no plans to make workers redundant if they do not want to leave and only a small number of staff are expected to depart.

“There has been a reduction in the volume of orders for products currently manufactured at Delphi’s plant in Sudbury and we are adjusting our capacity accordingly,” said a Delphi spokesman.

“We believe this is only temporary and remain committed to our substantial investment in this site as we prepare to introduce important new production contracts.

“To help us through this short-term challenge, we have offered a range of voluntary schemes for those employees who would like to take this opportunity to either work fewer hours or to move on to other opportunities.”