Real ale at beer festival

THE first spelt beer to be brewed in the UK for hundreds of years is being featured at the 15th annual Dark Ale Days beer festival from today until Monday at the White Horse in Edwardstone.

Some 34 casks of milds, ales, porters and stouts are waiting to be sampled at the festival, which also includes live music and locally-produced food.

The spelt beer is called Glebe Farm’s Gladiator and is believed to be the only spelt beer brewed in the UK since the Roman occupation.

White Horse owner John Norton said: “Spelt is a stone age wheat that doesn’t seem to have the same gluten allergy problems that modern highly-bred varieties do.

“We will have two new beers for the occasion as well as favourites like Dark Star’s Over the Moon and Timothy Taylor’s Ram Tam.”

Mr Norton is now in the process of acquiring The Fleece pub in Boxford, currently closed and being sold off by Punch Taverns.

He said he plans to run it as a pub and restore it to its former glory.