Rambler’s fresh appeal for footpath

KEEN rambler Norman Jennings is appealing for walkers to support him in his five-year fight to get create a new 200-yard footpath over private land in Clare.

Mr Jennings, who regularly rambles the area, says he would like to hear from anyone who walks there to find out if there is any appetite for launching a fresh campaign to link two paths.

So far, he has been able to get a landowner to agree to allow access over his field, and to get an undertaking from Suffolk County Council to have the route opened up for the benefit and safety of walkers.

He would like to see Footpath 14, which starts at Chilton Street near Clare, linked to Footpath 1 from Hundon to Poslingford.

Currently, walkers travelling to and from Clare have to leave the path and cross a busy section of the B1063 Folly Road before rejoining the route further along.

He has got support from Poslingford Parish Council and from Clare Parish Council for the link to be made, and from the ramblers’ group. He said if the gap was closed, it would link up a whole network of footpaths and benefit residents in Poslingford, Chilton Street and Clare, allowing them to access a mass of footpaths safely off the road.

He said: “I am in the process of writing to Clare Parish Council again to see if anything further can be done.

“I believe there are more people using the footpaths and I would like to know if they have anything to say about the campaign to get these footpaths linked up.

“It is still my belief that the B1063 is a very dangerous road and, whenever I walk along the path, I always end up having to dive into the hedge away from traffic.

“In my letter to the parish council, I have asked it to consider whether it could be made a heritage walk and be named after someone famous from the area.”

He said he was told the county council did not have the required £6,000 to £8,000 to invest in the project.