Rain means disappoinment for school children

SCORES of children were left heartbroken after their sports day had to be cancelled two weeks in a row.

Parents and pupils from St Joseph’s Primary School, in Beaconsfield Road, Sudbury, were left disappointed again on Friday after the event had to be cancelled for the second week running after heavy rain left their school field a muddy mess.

Natalie Holmes, school secretary, said: “We just needed a bit of sunshine to dry the field out a bit but it didn’t happen – it is heart-breaking for the children.

“We have decided to do it next week if we get some dry weather, but without parents, because it is too much to expect them to take more time off if we have to cancel again.

“Everyone has been so disappointed. I have been here for five summers and we have never had anything like this. It is usually scorching hot for our sports day.”