Racers making life a misery

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Sudbury Town Council has vowed to do all it can to help residents left sleep-deprived by late-night boy racers.

Complaints have been made about up to 30 cars regularly gathering in the Kingfisher car park before speeding around the town.

On Tuesday, a group of residents from Hyde Road told members of the town council they were being kept awake by cars, which often feature modified exhausts.

Jill Garrett said the activity could go on till 3am.

“It has been getting worse and worse and I have only been sleeping for four hours a night,” said a visibly upset Mrs Garrett.

“I am at the end of my tether and am absolutely exhausted.”

Councillors said the problems had relocated from Waldingfield Road. John Sayers said he was tempted to approach the racers himself to make them stop, while mayor Adrian Osborne called on the police to do more.

“I will personally speak to Inspector Crick about this,” he said. “You have all our sympathy for the difficulties you are encountering.”

Although police are aware of the problem, residents were urged to raise the issue again during a meeting with officers at the Stevenson Centre in Great Cornard on Thursday at 6pm.