Pupils learn drink dangers

AN alcohol awareness team will be warning Sudbury youngsters about the risks of drinking and giving tips on how to have a safer night out.

Fourteen and 15-year-olds at Sudbury Upper School will be taking part in the sessions led by the Babergh Community Safety Partnership today.

Julia Catterwell, Babergh’s substance misuse officer, said: “The sessions are a great way for young people to learn the facts about alcohol consumption and the effects too much of it can have on the body.

“They are an engaging and interactive way for young people to get information about any aspect of keeping themselves safe.

“Pupils can also ask any questions they may be unsure about or are usually too embarrassed to ask.”

The sessions will run over two days, using interactive voting, real-life experiences, safer night out scenarios and expert information, to help educate and inform the teenagers about the risks associated with drinking alcohol.

“From affecting health to falling behind at school and getting into trouble with the police, alcohol can have a big impact on young people,” said Ms Catterwell.

The awareness campaign was piloted last year in Suffolk to help young people make informed choices about drinking alcohol.