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Posties suffering from fowl play


Residents in a small village fear that the postal deliveries could be interrupted by a vicious pheasant that is attacking their postmen.

The stalking bird follows postie Steve Brown and his colleague every morning during rounds of the 400 homes in Monks Eleigh, flying up at head-height, flapping furiously and pecking at them.

“It comes out of the scrub land and follows you round then tries to attack you and the vehicle.

“It doesn’t bother me but it does some of the others.”

Mr Brown has vowed that the mail will get through - and has warned that the fierce bird could well end up in the pot.

“If I got my way it would be,” he joked. “But you can’t be seen doing that in uniform can you.”

The bird is more popular with some residents than others, it seems. It certainly knows when and where to go for a spot of lunch, calling at one particular house each day, pecking on the window when the owner is having his own lunch to get a tasty treat of its own.

Sub-postmistress Mandy Coll described the bird as “feral” and said one postman had captured a video of it attacking them.

“If you didn’t see it you wouldn’t believe it,” she said. “But it is quite funny.

“We believe it’s because the uniforms are red and the vans are red.”

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