Pooh! Pet food pong is ruining our summer!

Calls for action have been made over a “nauseating” stench which is being emitted from a pet food factory in Sudbury.

Residents, workers and shoppers in the town have complained about being subjected to a daily dose of bad smells from Nestlé Purina Pet Care on Chilton Industrial Estate.

The stink, which has become more pungent in the hot weather, has forced some people to abandon their gardens and retreat inside.

Caroline Feldman, from Mountbatten Road, said the town should not have to endure the pong any longer.

“It is a nauseating smell and it really is terrible,” she said.

“The company really should do something to stop the smell because it puts people off going into their gardens and anywhere near the factory.”

George Buffham, from Windermere Road, said the smell was blighting his summer.

“It is a sickly sweet smell and it is disgusting,” said the 84-year-old.

The factory, which employs more than 200 people, is currently exploring ways to reduce the whiff.

A spokeswoman said: “Nestlé Purina is committed to achieving the best possible odour control at its factory.”