Man’s wait over 170-home plan decision

A Little Cornard man fighting plans for 170 houses he claims will spoil picturesque countryside views is awaiting an appeal decision from three top judges.

Michael Evans, chairman of Cornard Tye Residents’ Association, is seeking a judicial review of the National Planning Casework Unit’s decision that an environmental impact statement did not need to be submitted along with Persimmon Homes’ application for homes near Carsons Drive in Great Cornard.

Three judges at London’s Court of Appeal heard his appeal against a decision to refuse permission for the review in May 2012. Mr Evans will hear whether the refusal has been overturned, allowing the judicial review, in the next month.

He said: “It would be difficult for us to prevent any form of development on the site but what Persimmon is proposing is too big and too dominating.”

Mr Evans said that if the judges throw out his appeal, he will take his protest to the European Appeal Court and, if necessary, the United Nations appeal process.

“If Persimmon Homes had done the environmental impact assessment when I first asked, it would be done by now,” he said.

Mr Evans believes the homes would impact on the view from nearby Abbas Hall, and cause traffic problems on Sheepshead Hill. He said 50 homes would be more suitable.