Deal to secure town revamp edges closer

Plans to redevelop Sudbury’s bus station and the surrounding area are progressing after a bid for a key building was accepted.

Babergh District Council’s long-term efforts to develop the Hamilton Road quarter – consisting of Great Eastern Road, Hamilton Road and Sudbury Bus Station – were boosted after a bid, believed to be around £290,000, was accepted for Navigation House in Great Eastern Road.

The building, which houses Seekars Garage, Netta’s Dry Cleaners and Sirens dress shop, is central to the council’s plans due to its location.

A council spokeswoman said: “We have made a full and final offer which was accepted and we are presently in the process of transacting the sale.”

District councillor Simon Barrett declined to comment on specific details of the bid.

“I can’t say anything until such time as it goes through,” he said.

“Clearly the site forms part of the strategic thinking of the Hamilton Road quarter project and, at some point in time, when it needs to be redeveloped, it is better for the council to assemble the properties.”

Netta Cooke, who set up Netta’s Dry Cleaners in the building 15 years ago, said that for sale boards went up in mid-November, which led some customers to believe she was closing.

“As far as the landlord is aware, the council is going to keep us here, but I have had no communication,” she said.

“It is business as usual and, now that our future is assured, we will be revamping the shop. We can now put some investment into it.”

Joe Seaman, owner of Seekars Garage, said: “We have been told we will be given the opportunity to rent the business from the council, but it is very early days.”