Damaged Sudbury lamp post “could kill”

A LAMP post damaged when a car collided with it on one of the busiest routes into Sudbury is dangerous and could cause an accident, say residents.

The street light, which is next to the roundabout in Melford Road, was damaged in April when a young driver slid off the road and hit it, writes Elliot Pinkham.

While a spokesman for the St John Ambulance Service said the driver escaped unharmed, the lamp post is yet to be repaired and still leans backwards.

A resident from nearby Canterbury Road, who asked not to be named, said: “These lamp posts have to be maintained. I don’t know whether it would cause electrical problems if it came down but if it landed on top of someone driving along it would be dangerous.

“The question is, has anyone reported it? If the council doesn’t know about it, it won’t come to fix it.”

Commenting on the Free Press’ Facebook page, Beverley Ablitt said: “It is very dangerous and needs attention as soon as possible.

“If it fell on to someone, it could even kill them. Suffolk County Council needs to get its act together before there is a serious accident.”

Iain Buers added: “It looks dangerous to me, especially when you consider that if it does go over it could damage persons or property, and would more than likely leave high voltage wires exposed.”

James Howlett, from Melford Road, was less concerned. “I would have thought it would fall into the hedge if it came down. You would hope that someone from the council has had a look, seen it is like that and made sure it is ok.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said: “The lamp post was recently assessed by our contractors and deemed to be safe on arrival and not of any danger to passing pedestrians or vehicles.

“Work has been programmed to return the lamp post to an upright position within the next fortnight.”