Councillor’s note says parish agendas are ‘not wanted’

A county councillor representing Great Cornard wrote an angry note to tell parish councillors that agendas for its meetings were not wanted.

Suffolk county councillor Peter Beer returned an agenda for Monday’s Great Cornard Parish Council meeting to chairman Mick Cornish with “What part of ‘not wanted’ don’t you understand?” written on it.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Cornish said Mr Beer had also written: “When you apologise and withdraw your council’s letter from November 6, 2012, then maybe we can start again.”

Mr Cornish said the letter had asked Mr Beer not to canvas for votes at the council’s next Christmas party for over-60s in the village, after he believed Mr Beer had done so at the previous party.

Council manager Michael Fitt said Mr Beer had not provided a county councillor’s report to the parish council since April, 2011.

Mr Beer said he had complained about agendas not being sent out early enough before meetings, and was asking elderly residents how they were and about their plans for Christmas at the 2011 party.

“If that is canvassing, then I’m guilty – it’s utter rubbish,” he said.

“I’m more in touch than many of them are, through other Conservative councillors who keep me informed, and the public.”