Appeal over Cornard homes plan to be heard next year

A Little Cornard man’s battle to stop 170 homes being built in Great Cornard will continue after a top judge said it should be heard despite likely failure.

Michael Evans, chairman of the Cornard Tye Residents’ Association, is seeking permission for a judicial review of the National Planning Casework Unit’s decision that an environmental impact statement did not need to be submitted along with Persimmon Homes’ application for homes near Carsons Drive.

Mr Evans said: “On Tuesday, Lord Justice Mummery said the appeal was likely to fail but it should still be considered by a three-judge appeal court.”

The hearing will take place next year and, if permission is granted, the review itself will be heard immediately after by the same three judges.

Mr Evans objects to the proposed development as he believes it will impact on the view from nearby Abbas Hall, as well as causing traffic problems in Sheepshead Hill.

He added: “If I win this and an assessment is required, it would highlight these problems with the site and how they are intending to remedy them.”