Police release Christmas drink-drive campaign results

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More than five people were caught over the drink-drive limit every day during a joint Suffolk and Norfolk Police campaign this Christmas and new year.

The campaign began on December 1 and saw the two forces working together to provide a visible presence throughout the day and night, seven days a week, until its conclusion on New Year’s Day.

Officers on patrol throughout the two counties stopped any driver who caused concern, whether it was as a result of their manner of driving or because their car had a defect, and carried out a breath test. All drivers involved in collisions were also tested.

In total, 8,844 people were stopped and breath tested with 171 drivers found to be over the limit.

Although this means that only 1.9 per cent of the tests carried out were positive, on average just over five people were caught every day during the campaign.

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks said he believed motorists had listened to warnings.

“It is encouraging to see that less than two per cent of the tests carried out across the two counties resulted in a positive breath test,” he said.

“We were determined to have a visible presence on the county’s roads and ensure that people knew if they made the decision to drink and drive then there was a good chance we were going to catch them.”

Of the 171 positive breath tests, 38 were by drivers under the age of 25 and 133 were provided by drivers aged 25 or older.

Despite the low figures, Mr Spinks said the police would not rest on their laurels.

“There were still 171 people who risked their lives and the lives of others during the festive period and we had a tragic period in Norfolk and Suffolk during December, where eleven people lost their lives on our roads,” he said.

“Those who drink and drive need to realise that their actions could have equally devastating consequences.”