Police funds cut

Funding for a Great Cornard Pcso will be pulled because evidence of the scheme’s value for money was withheld, according to councillors.

Great Cornard Parish Council decided not to renew its match-funding agreement, which sees it contribute around £15,000 towards a Pcso for the village, with Suffolk Police contributing the same amount, on Monday night.

Speaking at the meeting, councillor Tony Bavington questioned whether the council had got value for money since the scheme started in 2009 and criticised Leigh Jenkins, business liaison manager for Suffolk Police.

Mr Bavington said: “He came to this council a year ago and we asked him to give us information to show that we had got what we paid for.

“He evaded every direct question and we told him to write to us with the information – we have heard nothing and received nothing.”

Mr Bavington said it had been made clear to Mr Jenkins that the council’s decision to renew the match-funded Pcso agreement would be based on information he was asked for.

“I completely resent being treated in such a cavalier way by an employee of the police authority,” he said.

“It is appalling that this person should come along, sell this contract on behalf of the force and then not come back and give us the information we asked for.”

He added that Inspector Paul Crick, of Sudbury Police, had written to the council but had not given enough detail about the work of the Pcso.

Councillor Stuart Sheridan added: “The Safer Neighbourhood Team is all over the place and it will never be like village bobbies we had years back. We are paying for something we are not getting.”

Council manager Michael Fitt and several councillors, including Michael Newman and Mr Bavington, praised the work of current Pcso Andrea Campbell.

Councillor Frances Jackson said: “I’d prefer to have more people on the beat. I don’t think more volunteers is the way forward.”