Police boss allays fears over graffiti

A POLICE chief has played down fears of a graffiti problem in Sudbury after a fifth attack in as many weeks.

Sergeant Kevin Horton, from Sudbury Police, said he did not believe the town and its surrounding villages had an “issue” with graffiti after racist words were daubed on a wall in Girling Street on Thursday night.

The orange writing, which used a derogatory term, was clearly visible to workers and shoppers heading into Sudbury during the Friday morning rush-hour, before being cleaned by community wardens Bradley Smith and Nathan Mitchell.

“It was in a very prominent place and must have happened on Thursday night,” said Mr Smith.

“I don’t know why somebody would write it but we don’t like to see this in the town.”

Last month, offensive words, cannabis leaves and a Rastafarian character were sprayed on a wall at Sudbury Sports Centre.

Children’s play equipment in Cordell Road, Long Melford, was also targeted, this time with British National Party slogans and references to paedophilia.

A house in Acton Lane was vandalised with drawings of a machine gun and cannabis symbols.

Sgt Horton said that despite this recent spate of graffiti, it was unclear whether the incidents were linked.

“This graffiti is not being repeated at the same location and has been quite sporadic,” he said.

“The problem was not raised during a recent priority setting meeting and most of the incidents do not use the same tag marks, which suggests they are isolated.”

CLEAN UP OPERATION: Sudbury community warden Bradley Smith surveys the graffiti in Girling Street.