Plea to pick up rubbish

PARK-USERS are to be urged to recycle their picnic rubbish on Sudbury’s Friars Meadow after wardens collected 28 black sacks of rubbish in one weekend.

Common Lands Charity warden, Adrian Walters, said: “A fine weekend produces hundreds of empty bottles besides all the other rubbish in such immense quantities that the bins would require emptying three times a day. I have been in discussion with Babergh and it has been agreed that signs should be put on bins asking people to consider recycling their rubbish.”

Mr Walters said it was a matter of pride as volunteer wardens “refused to accept Friars Meadow should be left strewn with a mantle of rubbish”.

The charity had asked for a bottle bank to be sited on the edge of the meadow, but was told it would be too expensive to empty.