Play area hit by arson

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RESIDENTS have spoken of their concerns after an arson attack on a children’s play area.

Firefighters were called to Aubrey Drive in Sudbury at around 8.45pm on Saturday, after rubbish underneath a wooden bench was set on fire.

The blaze was quickly put out and minimal damage was caused, but those living nearby said the incident could have been much worse.

Adrian Stohr, who has three young children and lives in Aubrey Drive, said: “It is a worry because we don’t want to see this type of thing happening around here.

“Lots of children use the play area and some could have still been around when this was going on.”

Roberts Bates, from Reynolds Way, described the arson attack as “mindless vandalism”.

“The people responsible for this are ruining the equipment for everybody else,” he said.

“Teenagers do hang around there in the evening and there were a few problems last summer with people drinking and throwing rubbish around.

“Hopefully that won’t start up again, but as the nights start to get warmer it is a risk.”

In 2010, around £11,000 was spent on improving the play area.

A spokesman for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said the fire had been started deliberately.