Plans shape future jobs

COUNCILLORS will meet today to look over proposals aimed at shaping the future of the district’s job market for the next two decades.

Members of Babergh District Council’s strategy committee will get the first chance to consider the authority’s draft “core strategy”, which will eventually provide the planning blueprint for the district for the next 20 years.

It is expected that the committee will place a greater emphasis than ever before on creating sustainable jobs in not only the district’s two market towns of Sudbury and Hadleigh, but also its many villages.

Jennie Jenkins, chairman of the strategy committee, said “Babergh is recognised as a special place, so we need to plan ahead carefully to keep it that way and to strike the right balance in meeting the needs of our communities and ensuring prosperity.”

The core strategy document aims to reflect what the council wants the district to be like between now and 2031.

It will look at ways to help the economy to grow and business to thrive, while encouraging the creation of new jobs and overall future prosperity.

Babergh residents will be given the opportunity to give their views on the submission draft in the coming months.