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Plan to start anti food waste group in Suffolk

Hilary Whitwell of the Best Before Project ANL-150928-125328001
Hilary Whitwell of the Best Before Project ANL-150928-125328001

A project to cut food waste by raising awareness of best before and use by dates and donating ‘out of date’ food is starting up in Suffolk.

Hilary Whitwell became involved in the Best Before Project as a volunteer in London and having moved back to Bury St Edmunds would like to start a branch in Suffolk.

The Best Before Project was the idea of a food import entrepreneur in London who trialled the idea that instead of throwing away food that had passed its ‘best before’ date, food companies should be encouraged to either sell it at a discounted rate or to donate it to charities that could use it to feed people in need.

The Project is now a non-profit organisation and has donated food to churches, community groups and charities and says it has prevented at least 300 tonnes from being thrown away.

It also works to raise awareness about food labels and food waste and says the average family is binning £60 worth a month.

Hilary said: “One reason is people’s confusion about food labels and what they mean. Food that’s passed its ‘best before’ date, that is still good to eat, gets thrown away by everyone in the food chain from big supermarkets, little corner shops, restaurants, pubs and us the consumers.”

She explains that the ‘best before’ date is more about quality than safety, except in the case of eggs. The ‘use by’ label is a used for food like meat and fish so you should not use the food past that date.

Hilary is looking for anyone who is interesting in getting involved and for businesses that might be interested in donating or discounting ‘best before’ food and any community or charitable groups interested in using the food. She also seeks storage space.

Email hilary@bestbefore.org.uk or visit http://bestbefore.org.uk

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