Plan to ban super strength alcohol from off licences

A campaign to take extra strong alcohol off the shelves of shops in Sudbury is to be launched.

The Reducing The Strength campaign, which is run by police, would see any beers, lagers or ciders that are of more than 6.5 per cent strength in alcohol removed from off licences in the town.

It is hoped the scheme will result in a fall in anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol and decrease street drinking.

The campaign has already been put in place in Ipswich and it is thought Sudbury could be the first to introduce the project in the Babergh area.

Pc Jake Lees, from Sudbury Police, said he believed the campaign could prove a vital tool.

“Some would argue that Sudbury does not have a street drinking problem, however, we do have youths preloading on such drinks and a core of alcoholic dependants in the area,” he said. “The impact this has on NHS and police resources is considerable, not to mention the long-term effects on substance misuse.”

In Ipswich, the scheme has led to a drop in alcohol-related anti-social behaviour by nearly 50 per cent.

Sudbury Town Council is due to discuss the campaign on Tuesday.

Deputy mayor Robert Spivey said he believed the scheme was a good idea.

“It is not about being a nanny state, but an opportunity to cut down on a problem,” Mr Spivey said.