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Pedestrians ‘risking their lives’ on footpath

Calin Rogojan having to step off the path on the B1115 between Sudbury and Great Waldingfield. ANL-160720-095425001
Calin Rogojan having to step off the path on the B1115 between Sudbury and Great Waldingfield. ANL-160720-095425001

The footpath between Waldingfield and Sudbury has been criticised as a potential death trap as pedestrians are forced out into the road.

Such is the growth of trees, bushes, nettles and grass on the verges of the B1115 that in several places pedestrians have to take their lives into their hands and walk into the road to get past.

After complaining two weeks ago, Great Waldingfield resident Calin Rogojan, 36, found out he was the second person to complain to Suffolk County Council about the issues, the previous complaint raised in March, yet apparently no action had been taken.

Mr Rogojan’s partner Sue Scanlan walked the path regularly to get to work in Sudbury, but since Mr Rogojan used the path and realised the risks he has encouraged her to find other methods while the pathway is blocked, fearing for her safety.

“I had to drop off my car in Sudbury and walk back to Great Waldingfield,” said Mr Rogojan who lives in Fortress Fields.

“Well I was fuming. I then found out the council got the same complaint in March.

“Eventually you aren’t going to be able to walk on the path at all.”

Mr Rogojan, a lorry driver, said the path was now unsuitable for anybody who would have difficulty getting down from and back onto the path to bypass the trees and bushes.

This includes parents with young children, the disabled and those with mobility issues.

Indeed Mr Rogojan said he had to jump into the bushes when a lorry came past.

He added: “It’s an accident waiting to happen, it’s scary really.”

Questioning why the council had not done the cutting despite both his phone call and the complaint in March, Mr Rogojan asked: “Would they rather be sued [if there was an accident] compared to paying for a contractor? It’s not acceptable. It is pointless having a footpath really.”

He has even offered to cut the bushes himself if they provide him with the equipment.

A spokesman for the council explained that cutting on the road should take place twice a year, with cutting in Waldingfield due to take place last week and Sudbury this week.

However, according to the council’s website: “Additional localised cutting on the road network may take place where grass overhanging a pavement causes people to walk in the road, where access to village centres by means other than a car would be difficult or dangerous and where there are potential safety hazards caused by long grass.”

The Free Press asked the council why no action was taken following complaints in March highlighting the above issues but did not receive a response.

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