Parking still a problem

MARKET traders in Sudbury are being plagued by cars parking in their pitches.

The long-running problem sees drivers parking on Market Hill on a Wednesday evening and failing to move their vehicle in time for the weekly market on a Thursday.

Traders are then unable to set up their stalls and lose out on business as a consequence.

Darren Cox, who has sold fruit and veg on Sudbury market for more than 20 years, said: “It’s a hereditary problem, but nothing ever seems to get done about it.

“Lots of stalls have problems with cars parked illegally on their pitch and it is like a shopkeeper going to work and finding their locks have been changed.”

Mr Cox said cars had been parked in his way on three of the last four market days, leading to a drop in profits.

“We just want to go to work, but this ongoing issue is affecting our livelihoods,” he said. “A solution needs to be found.”

During a meeting of Sudbury Town Council’s leisure and environment committee on Tuesday, members said they were aware of the parking problems and sympathised with traders.

Committee chairman Lesley Ford-Platt said the cars were “disrupting the whole market” and she believed people staying at the Black Boy were responsible.

Sudbury mayor Jack Owen said putting an advertising hoarding blocking the market area with a notice on Wednesday night could prevent the illegal practice.

“It may cost us a bit of money, but it could be worth it,” he said.

Members agreed to investigate the cost of obtaining a hoarding and to explore using the community wardens’ vans with sign as an alternative.