Parents back Glemsford headteacher at centre of IT scandal

A HEADTEACHER embroiled in an investigation into IT equipment leases at a school has the support of parents, according to a pupil’s grandmother.

Liz Steele, who has been headteacher at Glemsford Primary School for 17 years, and her son, ICT technician James Loker-Steele, have been suspended for serious professional misconduct.

It comes after the school was reported to have been saddled with £500,000 of debt to Clydesdale Bank after leasing equipment, including 100 laptops, from Direct Technology Solutions, which has since gone into administration.

The school believed it had signed up to receive the items as part of a promotion, but had, in fact, signed a long-term lease agreement on the equipment, which had reportedly been marked up by up to 10 times its value.

The grandmother of a pupil at the school, who asked not to be named, said: “Loads of the parents and children are not happy that she isn’t there.

“She is not just a headteacher, she’s a friend to so many people. Liz has done so much for the school.”

For the full story see this week’s Free Press.