On the air waves and riding high in contest

HIGH HOPES: Youth worker Craig Hutton, whose band has reached the final of a songwriting competition.
HIGH HOPES: Youth worker Craig Hutton, whose band has reached the final of a songwriting competition.

Hadleigh youth worker Craig Hutton will be on tenterhooks on Saturday as he waits to find out if he and his fellow bandmates have won a songwriting competition.

Craig, 27, has reached the final of a contest to find the best Christian unsigned band or singer in the country.

Northern Ireland-born Craig plays guitar and sings vocals with a group of musicians called The White Goose Posse and they are in the top five bands and singers short-listed by the radio station United Christian Broadcasters.

All of the band members are from Ireland, both north and south, and Craig describes their style as folk rap. They meet regularly in London to play and sing, as the band members live all around the country but are united in their religious belief.

They write all their own music and released their own EP at the end of July.

“Our group has been together for about a year and it’s an eclectic mix of people,” said Craig. “The fact that we are also a mixture of Catholics and Protestants in a Christian band makes us an interesting group, too.

“We are very excited to be in the final five and are just delighted to have got this far with our song, Mysterious Love.

“All we need now is enough people to go on to the UCB website and vote for us because it’s all done by public voting.”

Craig and his fellow band members got together a year ago, and they started writing music based on their beliefs.

“We enjoy making music and entered the radio station’s competition, but we never expected our song to be among the most popular and certainly not in the top 5,” he said. “But people obviously like it, which is really great.”

The radio station is searching for an unsigned or independent artist, band or group that stands out.

The winning song is going to be added to the radio station’s playlist and the winners will be invited into the UCB television studios to shoot a live performance as well as being recorded on CD.

The competition winner will be announced on Saturday.