Youths mar procession

DRUNKEN youths are alleged to have shouted abuse at passers-by and posed naked in a bank’s front window as members of a civic service walked by.

The incident took place on Sudbury’s Market Hill at around 4pm last Sunday, when up to four youths heckled shoppers from inside Lloyds TSB, with one allegedly posing naked with a mannequin.

As the teenagers carried out their unruly behaviour, councillors taking part in a civic reception walked past.

Sudbury mayor Tony Platt claimed the youths were drunk when the procession, which went from the town hall to the United Reformed Church in School Street, passed them.

He said that other people taking part in the civil event had claimed to see someone naked.

“We were aware of the youths in Lloyds TSB as we went past and they were very boisterous,” he said.

Inspector Paul Crick, from Sudbury Police, who was also taking part in the annual service, described the behaviour as “offensive”.

No arrests were made.