Teacher gets gunged to boost charity cash total

UPLANDS Middle School deputy headteacher Anthony Swift has been “gunged” to raise money for charity.

As part of the school’s annual charity week tradition, a stall with a collection cup for each teacher was set up. Pupils then put money into the cup of the teacher they felt most deserved a dousing, with Mr Swift the most popular, or unpopular, selection.

Mr Swift said: “It was really fun and there were hundreds of children crowded round, but I had to have a shower afterwards as I was teaching in the afternoon.”

Year eight pupil Jordan Roberts helped to organise the ceremonial splashing. He said: “We really enjoyed mixing up the gunge. It had raw egg, tuna, chicken curry, beans, lentils, cabbage, mustard and mayonnaise in it. We left it in the fridge for a week so that it was really smelly.”

This year’s charity week raised funds for The Kernos Centre, a Sudbury-based counselling and support charity, the Spirit of Sudbury campaign and Off the Street Kids, a South African children’s charity.

Other events across the week included busking, a sponsored silence and a beat the goalie competition, raising a total of £880.