Anger after fly-tippers dump junk

A SUDBURY woman had piles of rubbish dumped in her garage by fly-tippers when she was away from home.

Sue Ayres was astounded to find her garage in Second Avenue crammed with lots of old furniture and matting, an old mattress, two pushchairs, a cupboard, an old sewing machine, black mats and lots of “mucky” polystyrene last week.

She had gone out to take her grandchildren home to Great Waldingfield at just before midday and returned at 3pm to find her garage had been targeted by fly-tippers.

The Sudbury town councillor said: “I was really upset about it. I cannot believe that in the short space I was away from home, someone would come and fly-tip on my own private property. It is really unbelievable.

“It must have taken at least half-an-hour to unload all that lot and it is so unnecessary as there is a tip less than a mile away from here. I felt like crying.”

The potential fine for fly-tipping is up to £50,000 and/or a prison term of up to 12 months, according to Babergh District Council, which agreed to remove the mess.

Last year, the council spent £18,349 clearing fly-tipped waste – a cost met by the taxpayer. The council advises that anyone who witnesses fly-tipping should take notes on what they see, including dates, times, locations and descriptions of any people and vehicles, including registration numbers.

This should be reported to the environmental protection team on 01473 825889.