£11,000 water bill shock

THE recipients of an £11,000 water bill say they were left in shock by the error.

Jane and Fred May, from Newmans Green in Acton, received their half-year statement from Anglian Water last week after returning home from a trade show.

Mrs May, who owns the Lady Jane department store in Long Melford, said she and her husband were astonished to see they supposedly owed the company £10,965.

“It was an horrendous bill,” she said.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes when we opened the letter – it was quite a shock and I was glad I was sitting down.”

A spokesman for Anglian Water said the company had realised the bill was wrong and blamed the mistake on “human error”.

“We have apologised to Mr and Mrs May and cancelled the bill,” he said.

“We hope it didn’t cause any distress. The correct bill has now been posted.”

Mrs May said she was pleased the mistake had been resolved.

“I knew water rates had increased but not by that much,” she added.